Summer Term - Monday 19th April - Saturday 24th July 

Half Term ( No Lessons ) Monday 31st May - Sunday 6th June

Summer Break - Monday 26th July - T.B.C




  • £7.50 per lesson per child

  • £105 - 14 week term - per child

We offer one free trial for all new swimmers 



Monday St Michael           10.45 -11.45am        Parent & baby- pre school-Adult lessons 

Monday Montacute            6 - 7pm                    After school lessons Beginners-Advanced 

Monday BCPS                    6 - 7pm                     After school classes Beginners-Advanced

Tuesday Hamworthy          5.30 - 6.30pm           After school classes Beginners-Advanced

Wednesday Hamworthy    11am - 12pm             Parent & Baby and Pre school classes

Wednesday Hamworthy     4.30 - 7pm                After school classes Beginners-Advanced

Thursday Hamworthy         4.00 - 7pm                After school lessons Beginners-Advanced 

Thursday Montacute          3.45 - 5.45pm          After school lessons Beginners-Advanced


Friday BCPS                        5.30 - 7pm              After school lessons Beginners-Advanced  


Saturday Hamworthy          8 - 12pm                 Parent & Baby - pre school-Beginners




Thursday   6-7pm      Hamworthy Pool               

Saturday   1-2pm      Hamworthy Pool               

Friday 6.30pm-7pm  BCPS   


           Classes for age group 8+                              

Junior lifeguards.png

We follow the STA learn to swim program and all children taking our classes will receive a badge and certificate twice a year. All our classes are a maximum of 6 children to be able to maximize every child's learning